What Is Crystal Healing?

Crystals have been used throughout history for healing. Working with the human energy field, crystals can move, absorb, focus, direct and diffuse energy within the body.

How does Crystal Healing Work?

Like everything in the universe, crystals are alive. They are electrostatic and able to hold frequency, vibrating at different levels depending on their composition and color. Each have characteristics that make them simple yet effective allies to us. Because they have a very high and precise rate of vibration, crystals are utilized extensively in modern technology; ranging from the liquid crystal diodes in calculators and clocks to their use in the very computer you are reading this on. They also are used in credit cards, fiber-optic phone lines and laser technology.

Blockages in the flow of energy through the meridians or subtle energy pathways will cause illness or disease in the organs supplied by that meridian. Crystals can help us to free up what has become stuck. As each cell in our bodies has consciousness, memories can be held in our cells, joints and bones. (This is now being scientifically demonstrated by Quantum Physics. A good example of this concept can be found in the images of water crystals). Western medicine finds this difficult to incorporate, but Chinese medicine, which is thousands of years old and becoming more widely accepted in the general medical community, can be applied to the meridians using modalities such as acupuncture.


In contemporary homeopathy, isodes are highly diluted and successed preparations of organic or synthetic substances that are thought to be the cause of disorder or disease. Given as a remedy based on the principle, “the cause is the cure.”

An Isode crytal is an ‘address everything’ designer remedy made from your own DNA, and capsuled within a raw uncut quartz crystal which is worn around your neck 24/7 for 12 weeks, holding irritants at bay while your body heals itself. The BioTracker technology enables your DNA (every frequency in your body) to be extracted and transferred into the crystal, which is being used as nothing more than a remedy container.

At the Total Body Approach, we use BioTracker technology to digitally encrypt quartz crystals with your DNA to be worn by you to help resonate with your body and bring about your own healing.