What Is BioTracker?

BioTracker Equipment

Every substance, drug, plant, food, color, smell, medicine and even disease has its own unique electromagnetic frequency signature. The unique makeup of each substance has been labeled as a selection within the virtual electromagnetic tray of the BioTracker. Through means of electrode probes held by the individual, the BioTracker passes a minute electrical current through a specific part of the body. The resistance to that current is measured to determine whether the electron-flow recorded against specific low voltage and amperage is indicative of optimum condition in that specific meridian.

If the resistance recorded is found to be outside the acceptable range of optimum health, the BioTracker allows the practitioner to administer one or several of over 150,000 computer-labeled virtual substances through the probes. If, after so doing, the resistance changes, the practitioner is able to determine, by a process of computer aided elimination, which virtual substances might be affecting the individual’s health and which remedies will allow the individual to regain optimum well-being. The individual is then given outlined suggestions and a regimen consistent with those findings and the expertise of the practitioner.

Energy Fields and Healing

The physical body has an impressive, intrinsic ability to heal itself. When, however, the body does not complete the healing process on it’s own, we are able to assist the individual in strengthening its inherent healing capacity. When obstacles to this capacity are removed, the healing process may then proceed through careful individual assessment. The analyzed result may be indicative of either stressful or optimum conditions within specific meridians (such as Lung, Heart, Large Intestine, etc.). The BioTracker produces graphic profiles showing clearly where there is need for adjustment to bring imbalances back to ideal readings. The technology further embodies vast libraries of remedies to assist the return of maximum health for the individual.

Every health problem is firstly an energetic phenomenon. The BioTracker can therefore, possibly help detect biochemical changes before they develop into full-blown problems. Electro-magnetic profile evaluations can then also be confirmed by laboratory tests once the analysis has been made. The BioTracker has the unique advantage of possible detection of systemic stresses caused by past exposures to chemicals, diseases, micro-organisms or radiation of one kind or another, which may contribute to a individuals underlying health problem.