An Integrated Health Strategy

The Total Body Approach will provide you with a sustained sense of well-being through the use of natural health practices and coaching. Let us work with you to develop an integrated health strategy and holistic therapeutic plan to address your health challenges. No appointments are necessary, and we offer convenient DNA testing by mail. Consultation is free, so why not give us a call now and see how modern science combined with ancient healing can help you too.

DNA Testing

This is where the journey begins! We start with DNA testing and analysis to provide keen insights into your health. We can collect your sample here, or you can mail it in. What could be easier? Our DNA analysis will help to create a truly customized health plan including specific and digitally encrypted remedies to help the body heal itself.

Bio-Tracker Analysis

The next step in your health journey takes us to the BioTracker, which is today’s leading-edge computer technology that assess your bio-electromagnetic fields. It can detect imbalances, viruses and many other potential problems before they physically manifest themselves. It chooses from over 150,000 remedies to help your body correct acute and chronic readings based upon your individualized DNA. No guesswork. Let us talk to you about this combination of Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Energy and Acupuncture.

Healing Isodes

Finally, after the testing and analysis, a custom isode crystal is created just for you! This designer remedy is made from your own DNA and encapsuled within a raw uncut quartz crystal. Wear it around your neck 24/7 for 12 weeks, while your body heals itself. The BioTracker technology enables your DNA (every frequency in your body) to be extracted and transferred into the crystal, which is being used as nothing more than a remedy in a container.

Dan Tartaglia

Contact Dan Tartaglia and The Total Body Approach at 203-982-0743 for a free, no obligation consultation. We can help “Access The Genius Within You” by means of our remote DNA analysis.